Facebook changes

As a facebook user, I along with many others are not happy with the recent changes. I know, I might have thought this before and later got used to the changes. But this time I’m not so sure. It’s like having a Facebook inside of a Facebook……pretty annoying. Only time will tell if this latest change will “grow” on me.


Apple news

I read an interesting article on the Foxnews website. Apple is hiring all kinds of security experts. They are doing this in an effort to protect company secrets. I guess one of the driving factors of the hiring’s is the loss of a prototype iPhone by one of it’s employees. The new security experts are going to try to stop this and other types of incidents like this from happening. Good luck Apple.


I just read some interesting news. It appears that smartphones with the android operating system have been targeted a lot in the first half of 2011. The article I read titled “Study tracks first signs of botnet infections” says that about 40,000 infected phones. The good news is the infections were quickly repaired. The news about attacks on android phones doesn’t sit well with me because I own an android phone as well as most of my family. We have safeguards in place such as lookout mobile security to scan all the apps we download for safety and a little bit of virus security but I don’t know if that is enough. I heard that turning off my phones wi-fi adds a level of protection so no one tries to hack my phone so I have the feature disabled. Will that be enough to help protect me from hackers? We’ll see. http://searchsecurity.techtarget.com/news/2240081235/Study-tracks-first-signs-of-Android-botnet-infections