Looking over my blog…..

During my blogging experience here, I chose to write about several topics. A majority of my blog postings had to do with Internet hackers. I wrote so much on hacking simply because it annoys me to no end. The thing that surprised me most about the hack’s that I posted about is that they mostly came from one group…anonymous. I tried to use a variety of sources each week but one of my sources just had a lot of Information security type news. I think my blog would be helpful to a information security professional. He or she might see my blog and notice a trend or two happening in the I.T. world. Hopefully, my blog would help other students check out a variety of interesting news articles.

Lenny G.


Cyber criminals caught! Score one for the good guys….

This week for my post, I found out some more disturbing news about criminals.  This time however, the news is a bit better. Some cyber criminals were caught after years of investigative work. These guys were working out ofEstonia, which is the country right next toRussia. It’s amazing how cyber crime has really taken off in this region of the world. This group of cyber criminals was infecting millions of computers with malware.  The malware would redirect infected computers with “ad clicks”. According to the article,” When the user of an infected computer clicked on the domain name link for the official government Web site of the Internal Revenue Service, the user was instead taken to the website for H&R Block, a major tax preparation business.” The group would then make money on every computer redirected to the sites by the malware. I guess this is a pretty lucrative business(ad clicks). They got caught after a five year investigation. Patience pays off for law enforcement. I’m glad to see the good guys win!


Anonymous at it again

The hacker group Anonymous, who is known for shutting down websites announced that they are going after drug cartels…..in particular, to expose the details of people connected to one of the world’s most dangerous drug cartels.  Normally, I would be upset at a hacker group because it seems to me that they are just a bunch of bully’s interrupting people trying to earn a living.  This latest stunt though I can’t see holding anything against them. Is it wrong of me to think that way? I think I can live with it.