Cyber security training in public schools

One important aspect of being a parent, I feel, is protecting your kids. We are all well aware of the dangers of the internet. The internet is beneficial in many ways, but only if it’s used correctly and in a safe manner. I recently came across this article in which a national organization, National Cyber Security Alliance (NCSA), is discussing with the Department of Education, ways to incorporate cyber security training in our schools. I think this is a great idea. After all, they’re teaching this stuff in colleges and universities today. A head start would be great for our kids!


Encrypt your data please……

An interesting article I read about companies still not encrypting data. It’s a simple thing to do. I don’t know why companies continue to be lazy. In this article, a company responsible for holding the e-mail addresses for customers of hundreds of company’s was hacked. The article explained that if the email address data was encrypted, the info would be useless to hackers. I found it also interesting that if the data was encrypted, the company that got hacked is not obligated to report the loss of information to the general public. It’s like the incident never happened. So it would behoove companies that deal with data storage to get on the ball and encrypt ALL it’s data….not just credit card info, to avoid an embarrassing press release.


Hacker group targeting the stock exchange?

Here we go again. The “anonymous” hacker group is allegedly targeting another high profile entity. This time it’s the Stock Exchange. There seems to be some confusion as there have also been letters and postings released by others that say they represent anonymous who state this is just a hoax. Is it the real thing or a hoax? That’s the question. Either way, it looks like it might be an interesting few days for the cyber police.


MSNBC News Article

Okay, this article I read on MSNBC makes me a little uneasy.
It is titled “US: Cyber attacks on utilities, industries rise – More sophisticated methods being used, says Homeland Security official.

The reason it makes me feel uneasy is obvious but I thought I’d put my two cents in anyways. I guess I imagine an end of the world scenario shaping up like this: Power drops offline….The water supply is shut off….city, state, and federal governments go into self preservation mode.  Citizens left to fend for themselves.  Hackers are getting smarter after every attack they launch and it seems the industries have always been in
reactive mode. I would have thought by now that after all the high profile
hacking in the news that they would actually implement sound approaches to
protecting their network.  This kind of news drives me crazy.